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Video: What are double blind clinical trials?

The following video is an excerpt of “Here Be Dragons” , a free 40 minute video introduction to critical thinking. “How Double Blind Clinical Trials Are Done” explains in a simple way the scientific methodology behind double blind clinical trials, a key step in the drug development process. Watch a related video about the truth behind clinical trials in India.


How Should Clinicians Consider the Results of a Drug Clinical Trial? PowerPoint on Evidence Based Medicine

Southern Collaboration in Research to Impact Prescription of Therapeutics (SCRIPTS), is a project aimed to”help prescribers enhance their ability to evaluate drug related information to improve their prescribing practices and describe proper prescribing practices to improve quality of patient care”. It is sponsored by University of Alabama at Birmingham. In this module they teach us…

Evidence based medicine and how to critically read papers. Resources to develop an essential skill

It is essential for us, health proessionals , to learn how to critically interpret scientific information. Many times we will read articles that are absolutely irrelevant, or papers that are markedly biased trying to sell us products (new drugs, medical devices). It is our duty to know how to discern the evidence that should guide…

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