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Antiplatelet agents: mechanisms of action and general overview

This post is an overview on antiplatelet drugs, we will focus on the classification of agents and  their mechanism of action. The most relevant facts related to therapeutics will also be discussed here,  followed by a video review by  K.G. Paul, M.D. A related article explores the pharmacology of thrombolytic agents. Classification of antiplatelet agents…

FDA approves ATryn (recombinant human antithrombin) for the treatment of hereditary antithrombin deficiency

The FDA issued a press release (February 6th, 2009) announcing the approval of the first biological product produced by genetically engineered animals: recombinant human antithrombin. Some excerpts from the press release: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today issued its first approval for a biological product produced by genetically engineered (GE) animals. The approval is…

Genetic variants of cytochrome P-450 linked to decreased response to clopidogrel (Plavix,Iscover and others)

From Physician’s First Watch: Genetic Variants Linked to Decreased Response to Clopidogrel, Increased Cardiovascular Risk Polymorphisms in the gene encoding the cytochrome P-450 2C19 enzyme (CYP2C19) not only confer reduced response to clopidogrel, but also are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular events, according to three studies published online by the New England Journal of…Continue Reading

EMEA positive opinion for prasugrel (Efient)

Press release about the positive opinion of the CHMP for the antiplatelet agent Efient (prasugrel): COMMITTEE FOR MEDICINAL PRODUCTS FOR HUMAN USE SUMMARY OF POSITIVE OPINION for EFIENT International Nonproprietary Name (INN): prasugrel On 18 December 2008  the Committee for Medicinal Products  for Human Use (CHMP) adopted a positive opinion, recommending to grant a marketing…Continue Reading

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