Drug therapy for heart failure: PowerPoint presentations

CHFThe following PowerPoint presentations overview the pathophysiological basis of congestive heart failure drug therapy. These presentations were developed by Pharmacology Professors:  Dr. Ravindra Beedimani and Dr. R. Senthil Kumar.


Both lectures provide an introduction on clinical features of the disease and its physiopathology, later they review the most relevant pharmacological properties of each drug class.

This site also features cardiovascular pharmacology presentations on antiarrhythmics and antianginal drugs.

Lecture by Ravindra Beedimani, M.D.

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  • CCF considerations: clinical presentation and etiology.
  • Vicious circle of HF.
  • Classification of drugs used in CCF.
  • Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors: mechanism, pharmacological effects and adverse effects.
  • Angiotensin receptor AT-1 blockers.
  • Vasodilators: isosorbide dinitrate, amlodipine.
  • Diuretics (potassium sparing, loop diuretics, and thiazides). (Watch a related animation depicting diuretics mechanism)
  • Beta blockers.
  • Digoxin: pharmacological effects on atrial rate, precautions.
  • Inotropes: phosphodiesterase III inhibitors and dobutamine.

Lecture by R. Senthil Kumar, M.D.

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    • Renin angiotensin system.
    • Effects of AT-II.
    • ACE inhibitors and ARB mechanism of action
    • Adverse drug reactions.
    • Other vasodilators.
    • Inotropes.
    • Cardiac glycosides: digoxin (pharmacokinetics, mechanism of action, electrophysiological effects on the heart, clinical uses, adverse drug reactions).
    • Digoxin toxicity: signs, management and factors that increase the possibility of toxicity.
    • Clinical cases
    • Sympathomimetics: Dopamine, Dobutamine.
    • PDE inhibitors: mechanism of action.
    • Niseritide.
    • Beta blockers.
    • Management of acute and chronic HF.

About the contributors

R. Senthil Kumar M.D is Dean of Basic Sciences and Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Clinical Therapeutics at St. Matthew’s University, School of Medicine, Cayman Islands.



Ravindra S.Beedimani, M.D. is an Associate Professor in Pharmacology at American University of Caribbean, School of Medicine, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.

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