NSAIDs: PowerPoint presentations

nsaids_cox_2This set of pharmacology PowerPoints intends to overview the most relevant points in NSAIDs therapy. Troughout the post, some points are repeated. These are key concepts to remember, such as: mechanism of action, indications, some chemical characteristics and side effects profile (mainly renal and gastrointestinal).

Prostaglandins & NSAIDs. By Cheryl Tajon and Walter M. Holleran, PharmD. UCSF School of Medicine

Dr. Holleran explores some important biochemical and physiological aspects related to the pharmacology of inflammation.


  • Formation of Eicosanoids derived from fatty acids.Cyclooxygenase (COX) mechanism.
  • Different prostaglandin series (PG1, PG2, PG3).
  • Thromboxanes and leukotrienes:¬† synthesis and physiology.
  • Molecular target for NSAIDs. Aryl Propionic Acids, Indole Acids, enol acids.
  • NSAIDs that produce analgesia without anti-inflammation.
  • 5-Lipoxygenase inhibitors: zileuton. Leukotriene receptor antagonists: montelukast, zafirlukast.
  • Histamine and anti-histamines.
  • Novel anti-inflammatory approaches.

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Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs. By Dr Alex Dodoo Ph.D

Dr. Dodoo presentation highlights CSM advise on selective COX-2 inhibitors, among other NSAIDs aspects such as:

  • Indications
  • Mechanism(s) of Action
  • Non-specific Cox or Cox-2
  • Side-effects
  • Selection

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NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). By Theresa C. Peterson, PhD

Dr. Peterson, from the Department of Pharmacology at Dalhousie University, shares an integration between the pharmacology of inflammatory response, NSAIDs and other related drugs (allopurinol, glucocorticoids, etc).

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Gastroprotective Strategies among NSAID users. By Anne-Pascale Bartleman, M.D.

More centered in clinical practice, Dr. Bartleman gives tips on how to protect NSAIDs users from gastrointestinal side effects by reviewing some common gastroprotective medications.


  • How Common are Side Effects?
  • Prevention: use of Misoprostol, Proton Pump Inhibitors, Cox-2 Inhibitor, H2 Receptor Antagonists, sucralfate.
  • Pros and cons of celecoxib.
  • Risk Factors for GI complications.
  • How to Stratify Risk?
  • Clinical cases.

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  • Practical tips for mental health professionals.




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