PowerPoint presentation: “Marketing Practices of the Pharmaceutical Industry”

Southern Collaboration in Research to Impact Prescription of Therapeutics (SCRIPTS) is a project aimed to"help prescribers enhance their ability to evaluate drug related information to improve their prescribing practices and describe proper prescribing practices to improve quality of patient care". It is sponsored by University of Alabama at Birmingham.

They developed a very interesting and balanced approach to the marketing practices of the pharmaceutical industry that every practicing physician should be aware about.

Presentation outline

  • Objectives:• Recognize marketing strategies • Perceive how you might be influenced by them • Know the legal limits for the marketing of drugs • Reflect on appropriate interactions between physicians and pharmaceutical companies
  • The Psychology (and Neurophysiology?) behind Marketing and Promotion
  • Direct-to-Physician Promotion: A Word about Gifts
  • The Law Limits Off-Label Promotion
  • Neurontin: A Case Study
  • Tactics of Direct and Indirect Marketing and Promotion
  • Another Way to Increase Sales: Clinical Guidelines
  • Epogen and Xigris examples
  • What Happens When a Drug Goes Off Patent?
  • The Legal Boundaries of Marketing and Promotion
  • Ethical Principles Guiding Physicians’ Interactions with Pharmaceutical Companies

Module at the SCRIPTS website and access to CME

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