Pharmacokinetics study aid: charts, equations and definitions

The Department of Pharmacology at University of Utah posted in 2001 useful material to review pharmacology. Here is the content of the pharmacokinetics study aid:

Important Pharmacokinetic Parameters

  • Clearance (model independent)
  • Relationship between Clearance and Volume of Distribution
  • Rates and orders of reactions
  • Apparent Volume of Distribution (one compartment)

Dosing Calculations

  • Loading Dose (LD)
  • Maintenance Dose Rate (MDR)
  • Maintenance Dose

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Recommended pharmacokinetics reading

  • Pocket Guide: Pharmacokinetics Made Easy (2009)
  • Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics (2009)
  • Concepts in Clinical Pharmacokinetics (2010)
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics, 4th Edition (2008)
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