Review of Embryonic Stem Cells potential: PowerPoint presentations from academia

A basic introduction to the biology and potential of embryonic stem cells. From the Life Sciences/HHMI Outreach Program.

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Outline:What are Stem Cells?  Potential Uses, Claims Against Using Stem Cells,  Cultivation Process, Stem Cells and Cloning, Stem Cell Theory of Cancer, Worldwide Status

Ethical and Scientific Issues in the use of Human Stem Cells. Allen R. Dyer, M.D., Ph.D.

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Outline: Four Principles of bioethics, Ethical Issues for Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering Safety,

Ethical Issues for Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering Safety, History of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

Embryonic Stem cells and therapeutic cloning, by The Department of Biology University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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Since the presentations above mention legislation from the Bush era, it’s convenient to watch the following video as an update on the matter.

President Obama’s Speech after lifting the ban on Embryonic Stem Cell research.

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