Welcome to the #36 Edition of Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival!

Thanks to Berci Meskó for letting me host the  #36 Edition of the prestigious Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival.

Quoting Berci’s explanation about what this Carnival is all about:

Medicine 2.0 is a blog carnival aiming to analyze and describe the impact of web 2.0 on medicine and healthcare. We, bloggers, believe web 2.0 can change the way medicine is practiced and healthcare is delivered.

Now that you, readers in pharmacology topics got the idea, let’s share some links!

  • Health Information Technology (HIT) has also its “side effects”. Dr. Shock discusses a recent study about the “safety network” that HIT creates among physicians in academic enviroments.
  • In medical practice diagnosis sometimes (quite often I would say) are seen as contests, with winners and loosers. Now, we have real contests in medicine 2.0.

Case of the week is a classic updated by pathologist Edward Klatt.

Quizzer deals about topics in emergency medicine

I’m sure you know a lot more, so.. post them on the comment form!

  • We know that telemedicine is here to stay. Read about the changes it’s bringing to pathology.
  • When Iphone appeared not many people in the medical field expected so many applications and gadgets for the medical field to be developed. Two interesting ones: a medical records manager and a breath analyzer.
  • In Clinical Cases Blog we are introduced to a new service, Qik and the author gives us some suggestions for its use in medicine.

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