Pharmaceutical marketing in the web 2.0 era

Melissa Sweet, Health Journalist, published an article on Australian Prescriber about the applications of web 2.0 tools in drug marketing by pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies are capitalising on the advent of the internet and the development of new media forms to promote their products. Electronic detailing, interactive websites, email prompts and viral marketing campaigns using […]

Welcome to the #36 Edition of Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival!

Thanks to Berci Meskó for letting me host the  #36 Edition of the prestigious Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival. Quoting Berci’s explanation about what this Carnival is all about: Medicine 2.0 is a blog carnival aiming to analyze and describe the impact of web 2.0 on medicine and healthcare. We, bloggers, believe web 2.0 can change […]

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