Medical Case Reports sets a innovative approach to medicine 2.0. By using a blog platform, the administrator receives case reports from readers and the rest finds the clinical answer to the enigma. So far, this is not new at all, but what drawed my attention is the fact that users get rewards for their participation (rapidshare accounts).

So how does this work?
Well anyone can submit a case reports to this site.
Case reports should be kept as anonymous as possible and ideally should have the following:
1. A concise history
2. Findings on clinical examination
3. Observations
4. Investigations (Abnormal blood test results, radiological investigations, ECGs etc)

Any pictures or photographs do not have to be of the patient being discussed but could be any online image that looks similar (Google Image it, but mind the copyright). These submited case reports will be uploaded on to this blog site as soon as possible.To make it fun the diagnosis would be posted a week after the case report was uploaded. This would allow readers to attempt to diagnose the patient by posting on the site (with hopefully an explaination of how they reached that diagnosis).

We are looking to give away prizes for the best case report so hurry up and mail all those patient histories that have been lying in a book gathering dust.

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