This is an excerpt from the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) advice on etravirine (Intelence).

ADVICE: following a full submission
etravirine  (Intelence),  in  combination  with  a  boosted  protease  inhibitor and  other antiretroviral medicinal  products,  is not  recommended  for use within NHS Scotland  for  the treatment  of  human  immunodeficiency  virus  type  1  (HIV-1)  infection  in  antiretroviral treatment-experienced adult patients.
In  HIV-1  infected  adults  with  resistance  to  currently  available  non-nucleoside  reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) and at least three primary protease inhibitor (PI) mutations who  were  receiving  an  optimized  background  regimen  that  included  boosted  darunavir, nucleoside/nucleotide  reverse  transcriptase  inhibitors  (NRTIs)  and  optional  enfuvirtide, etravirine  produced  significant  improvements  in  virological,  immunological  and  clinical outcomes when compared with placebo.
The manufacturer’s  justification of  the  treatment’s cost  in  relation  to  its health benefits was not sufficient to gain acceptance by SMC.
The license holder has indicated their intention to resubmit.

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