Dr. Flavio Guzman, from the Psychopharmacology Institute, recently published a new multimedia tutorial on the mechanism of action and formulations of methylphenidate.

Here is the outline for the tutorial:

1 Mechanism of action
1.1 The prefrontal cortex and the role of NE and DA in ADHD
1.2 Methylphenidate inhibits the reuptake of NE and DA
2 Methylphenidate formulations
2.1 Short-acting
2.1.1 Presentations
2.2 Intermediate-acting
2.3 Long-acting
2.3.1 Methylphenidate OROS
2.3.2 Methylphenidate controlled delivery
2.3.3 Methylphenidate SODAS
2.3.4 Dexmethylphenidate sustained release capsules
2.3.5 Methylphenidate patch
2.3.6 Methylphenidate oral suspension

Methylphenidate for ADHD: Mechanism of Action and Formulations

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