Pharmacodynamics (drug receptor interactions): power point presentation

This document has been uploaded to Scribd by Dr. Robert L. Copeland, Pharmacology Professor at Howard University. It deals with basic principles of pharmacodynamics like: Concept of specific drug receptors, Receptor Types, Ion-channel-linked receptors, G-protein-linked receptors, Enzyme-linked receptors, Intracellular receptors, Log Dose-Response Curve, Agonists (or Full Agonists), additivity and sinergism. You can download the power […]

Pharmacodynamics animation: full agonists, partial agonists, inverse agonists, competitive antagonists and irreversible antagonists.

First, some pharmacodynamic definitions related to the animation: Full Agonists: Compounds that are able to elicit a maximal response following receptor occupation and activation. Partial Agonists: Compounds that can activate receptors but are unable to elicit the maximal response of the receptor system. Inverse agonist: an agent which binds to the same receptor binding-site as […]

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