HIV fusion inhibitors mechanism of action. A video animation

This animation represents the third step in HIV cell entry: fusion. It identifies gp41 as a drug target (Enfuvirtide). Mechanism of action of enfuvirtide (Fuzeon). From Wikipedia Enfuvirtide works by disrupting the HIV-1 molecular machinery at the final stage of fusion with the target cell, preventing uninfected cells from becoming infected.

Maraviroc (Selzentry, Celsentri), a CCR5 inhibitor for the treatment of HIV infection. An Australian Prescriber review

A review from the Australian Prescriber website of a new drug for the treatment of HIV infection: Maraviroc Celsentri (Pfizer) 150 mg and 300 mg film-coated tablets Approved indication: HIV infection Australian Medicines Handbook section 5.4 Highly active antiretroviral therapy has improved survival for patients infected by HIV, but long-term toxicity and the development of […]

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