Anticoagulants MCQs for test review

Here are a couple of questions related to the pharmacology of coagulation.  These questions from the UMKC School of Medicine have a different degree of difficulty, but are useful to review the topic.  To get a better understanding on the topic, you can read about  antiplatelet agents and thrombolytic drugs. Item Number: 10968 correct answer: […]

Intravenous and inhalational anesthetics, MCQs for test review

I believe some of the questions ( developed by the UMKC School of Medicine) in this set would be more suitable for an anesthesiologist or anesthesia resident than for a medical student in the pre-clinical years. However, most of them are regular questions from classic pharmacology textbooks. I hope you find them useful. Item Number: correct answer: 2 category: Anesthetics 1. All of the following factors […]

Analgesics (opioids, nsaids): MCQs for pharmacology review

These questions have been created by the Department of Pharmacology, UMKC School of Medicine.  The use I suggest is to review your knowledge of the subject for USMLE or other pharma test.   Did you find them useful? Too hard ? Too easy? Use the comment form to comment what did you think of them! Item Number: 1684 correct answer: 5 category: Analgesics 1. A child has ingested an unknown substance and has evidence of respiratory depression. […]

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