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An excellent animation on the mechanisms of drug addiction

The Genetic Science Learning Center at University of Utah developed an excellent animation depicting the mechanisms of addiction of most drugs of abuse. They use a cartoon-like approach to show biochemical changes in mouse brains.Continue Reading

How to survive your first night on call: PowerPoint presentation

This PowerPoint presentation has great suggestions and tips on how to handle a night on call. It is specially useful for junior physicians and covers real-life clinical situations you may encounter.Continue Reading

Video lecture on the management of neuropathic and cancer pain

Mark Wallace, M.D., Director of UCSD’s Center for Pain & Palliative Medicine, updates on current therapies for pain, focusing on neuropathic pain. Overview of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic management of chronic pain.Continue Reading

Pregabalin (Lyrica) not approved for fibromyalgia by the EMEA

EMEA didn’t approve treatment of fibromyalgia as a new indication for pregabalin (Lyrica).The CHMP was concerned that the benefits of Lyrica in fibromyalgia had not been shown in either the short or the long term.Continue Reading

Rubefacients for acute and chronic pain. Podcast review by The Cochrane Collaboration

Andrew Moore, from the Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics at the University of Oxford, discusses the available evidence on the use of rubefacients for acute and chronic pain.Continue Reading

NSAIDs: PowerPoint presentations

This set of lectures intends to overview the most relevant points in NSAIDs pharmacology. Troughout the post, some points are repeated. These are key concepts to remember, such as: mechanism of action, indications, some chemical characteristics and side effects profile (mainly renal and gastrointestinal).Continue Reading

Recommendations and guidelines on prescribing methadone for chronic pain

Methadone has been traditionally used as a drug to treat heroine addiction. In the last few years, it has gained importance as an agent in the treatment of chronic pain. As a result of this, the US Food and Drug administration has started a campaign to raise awareness about the potential risks of using methadoneContinue Reading

PPT lectures on opioids: mechanism of action, pharmacological effects and more

PPT lectures on opioids: mechanism of action in analgesia (mu, kappa and delta receptors), pharmacological effects of morphine and antagonists.Continue Reading

FDA video warning about local anesthetics side effects

Local anesthetics side effects are covered in the March 2009 edition of FDA’s Patient Safety News. The agency’s concern is that after a study published in the the journal Radiology in which the authors suggest the use of topical anesthetics to reduce disconfort during mammography, more and more women will start using them without beingContinue Reading

Drugs for migraine prophylaxis. Which is your choice?

Review of drugs indicated in migraine prophylaxis: beta-adrenergic blockers, calcium channel blockers and tricyclic antidepressants. Clinical guidelines on migraine management. Continue Reading

Updated SIGN clinical guideline: Pain management in adults with cancer

The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) updated a clinical guideline entitled “Control of pain in adults with cancer”.  An outline of the contents (drug therapy related) in this guideline for the treatment of cancer induced pain include: Principles of pain management: introduction, World Health Organization cancer pain relief programme, using the WHO ladder. Treatment withContinue Reading

2009 updated guideline: “Use of chronic opioid therapy in chronic noncancer pain”. Download full text

2009 version of “Guidelines on the use of opioids in treating chronic noncancer pain”. Published in The Journal of Pain. Download free full textContinue Reading

Intravenous and inhalational anesthetics, MCQs for test review

I believe some of the questions ( developed by the UMKC School of Medicine) in this set would be more suitable for an anesthesiologist or anesthesia resident than for a medical student in the pre-clinical years. However, most of them are regular questions from classic pharmacology textbooks. I hope you find them useful. Item Number: correct answer: 2 category: Anesthetics 1. All of the following factorsContinue Reading

Analgesics (opioids, nsaids): MCQs for pharmacology review

These questions have been created by the Department of Pharmacology, UMKC School of Medicine.  The use I suggest is to review your knowledge of the subject for USMLE or other pharma test.   Did you find them useful? Too hard ? Too easy? Use the comment form to comment what did you think of them! Item Number: 1684 correct answer: 5 category: Analgesics 1. A child has ingested an unknown substance and has evidence of respiratory depression.Continue Reading

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